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Our product philosophy is based around mindful design and development. We produce a tightly edited range of simple, classic and timeless styles in a range of colours and materials. Some vegan, others made from recycled plastics or sustainable leather – but all designed with care.


Tōzen is a brand that was built with sustainability in mind from the very start. It's such an integral part of our ID — it's even in our name: Tōzen means naturally in Japanese.

Our leather materials are sourced from certificated sources in Europe that save up to 48% of energy and up to 35% of water in the production process.

We're also proud to bring a fully vegan line of products to our customers, made from Eco Vegan Leather and a recycled corn fiber in-sole.

Naturally, our packaging – the already iconic Mindfully Made shoebox – is also made from fully recycled carton.

Our Mindful Principles


Design contemporary, timeless pieces utilising the best materials.


Consider our carbon footprint on every action we take.


Only work with ethical, quality-controlled factories in Europe.


Providing transparency about our products towards our customers.


Create inclusive products without any biases on gender.